Friday, July 31, 2009

God don't make lonely girls.

So this evening I relived my high school glory days via a pretty fantastic show at the Newport: the Wallflowers. $20 (well, plus $5 for a single Stella Artois and $10 for a cd...see below on that) is definitely a fair price for 90 minutes of Jakob Dylan-led rock n roll, I always say. And, yes, I was totally one of those people who whipped out her cell phone to take a picture--what? What?

Anyway, an added bonus to the evening was the opening act--a stylish lady named Serena Ryder, who totally blew my mind. I excitedly bought a cd from her and I do love it, although I was hoping it would be an acoustic recording she has a band here though, honestly, she doesn't need one. She played solo tonight and rocked the house.

And, lastly, since I'm talking about music: I'm playing on Saturday's Gallery Hop, outside L'Antibes at 772 N. High Street. Come listen!

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