Sunday, May 23, 2010

I love you, Mark Strong

...even though you don't get to be handsome in movies very often. Or likeable. But I know the truth, Mark Strong, and I appreciate you for it.

But seriously, I know I've posted before extolling the virtues of Mark Strong but I saw Robin Hood today and I thought one more round was warranted. If you aren't familiar with him, you're wrong. Because he's been in pretty much every movie ever made. Okay, not so. But he's in Robin Hood (villain with scary face scar), Sherlock Holmes (villain with snaggle-tooth), Body of Lies (complicated character, though he does get to be handsome in that one at least; see the photo), Stardust (villain), Sunshine (scariest villain ever) and the list goes on. Rocknrolla is an exception to the supporting-actor rule; he's a lead in that one. He's versatile, great with accents, and his voice gives me chills.

Look for him next year in the Green Lantern (as, yes, a villain). And hopefully some more stuff where we can actually root for him.

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