Friday, July 29, 2011

101 things, revisited

I'm 484 into the 1,001 days for my Day Zero project. Day Zero itself is December 27, 2012, which I just discovered using this (in case you ever feel the very specific need to calculate the number of days between two dates). I'm not doing as well as I might have hoped at nearly halfway through, but it's getting there.

1. Get my passport
2. Use my passport
3. Visit Seattle
4. Go to NYC with someone who has never been there before
5. Go to the beach

Creative pursuits
6. Submit at least 10 things to literary mags
7. Knit myself a cardigan
8. Give exclusively handmade gifts for Christmas
9. Play at Gallery Hop at least 5 times
10. Finish recording my full-length CD
11. Put this list on my blog
12. Establish a routine for posting on my blog
13. Join a writers' group
14. Make my own soap
15. Start another novel
16. Finish it
17. Do something with it
18. Enter a songwriting competition
19. Take photos of that insane Wonderbread sign before they sell the building
20. Write a poem every day for a month
21. Start a new etsy shop to pay off my library fine!
22. Make an art card every day for a month
23. Inspire someone else to write something
24. Write 10 new songs (10/10)
25. Put new songs on my Myspace music page

Big stuff
26. Live in the same place for longer than 18 months
27. Find someone to date who doesn't suck
28. Pay off credit card debt
29. Buy a new car (I'll need one within 1001 days...)
30. Graduate!
31. Save up for a pair of Fryes instead of buying crap from Target
32. Go on a vacation for at least 5 days
33. Learn how to relax / control anxiety better

Quality of life
34. Do some form of exercise at least 3 times a week and keep it up for at least 10 weeks
35. Take a tap class
36. Buy a bike
37. Try vegetarianism for a month
38. Try veganism for...a week
39. Get real health insurance
40. Walk Columbus half-marathon with my parents (Fall 2010)
41. Stop saying "like" as an all-purpose verb
42. Try Pilates
43. Learn 5 tried-and-true recipes by heart
44. Learn how to make a salad at a salad bar so that it doesn't turn out like a Dumpster Salad
45. Cure my caffeine addiction
46. Try going carless for a week
47. Go to a therapist
48. Get totally, completely, forget-it-ever-mattered over __________
49. Stop fiddling with my cell phone so much

50. Clean out my closet
51. Clean out my trunk once and for all
52. Organize my desk and file cabinet
53. Make my bed every day for a month

Good will
54. Pay my library fine
55. Donate graphic design services to a local non-profit
56. Buy someone dinner just because
57. Loan out my favorite books with no intention of getting them back
58. Make scarves for a homeless charity
59. Give to NPR
60. Send postcards to everyone who matters

61. Get tattoo #6
62. Buy The Perfect Black Heels
63. Get tattoo #7
64. Buy a decent bra
65. Nose piercing?
66. Find the black pencil skirt of my dreams
67. Drop 1 dress size

68. Buy pots and pans that aren't pathetic
69. Get a new cell phone
70. Get new glasses
71. Upgrade my makeup collection
72. Find a bedspread I like
73. Buy an amazing, expensive (?), last-forever bag
74. Buy an iron

Higher learning
75. Finish Level 1 of Rosetta Stone Russian
76. Apply to NYU & Hunter College MFA programs per my pact with Jessica
77. Learn to shoot a gun (research purposes!)
78. Learn the proper way to sew on a button so the experience isn't so agonizing
79. Teach Claire to play a song
80. Learn to like red wine

Just because
81. Get a Russian penpal
82. See Regina Spektor in concert
83. See a real play in a real theater
84. Send birthday cards to everyone
85. Send thank you notes whenever I get a gift
86. Make creme brulee
87. Read Flannery O'Connor
88. Go out for good sushi
89. Go to Shakespeare in the Park
90. Learn to drive a manual transmission
91. Buy the Elsa Peretti K pendant from Tiffany & Co because i've been wanting it for years
92. Sell my old computer
93. Do a thrift store scavenger hunt
94. Visit a winery
95. Go to an estate sale
96. Buy myself flowers
97. Host a party
98. Try 1 new restaurant every week for a month
99. Go out to dinner by myself without a book
100. Replace the battery in my watch
101. Give that guy his Georg Simmel book back

Extra Credit
102. Fix front screen door so I can actually have the door open
103. Make screen for bedroom window so I can actually have the window open

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